The Earth needs a Shrink

Action Open Source Project with and FKShare Studio present an Open Source Project Who we are is a non-profit organization. It has a simple mission to provide a free framework for any type of knowledge exchange and value creation for Society . Pin it Our values "The whole art of teaching is only the art of awakening the natural curiosity of young minds for the purpose of satisfying it afterwards." said Anatole France. Read on Where we are We are everywhere, just google us Youtube Channel thumbnail Twitter Facebook & Instagram And many other platforms. "Just google FKShare" Pin it Our Mission supports and promotes all types of projects if they create a value for society. Our team We are a team of creative experts capable to boost ideas, individuals and businesses. We engage only if the idea does create a value for society . The Project Phase 1 - Publication and socialization of the sci-fi story "The Earth needs a Shrink" (not necessarily finished) - Visual hero character creation and socialization - Sound production link to the theme - Podcasts and short video footages link to the theme - Partnership establishment Phase 2 - Contests for creating episodes. The winner will have a prize, be published in the story, and and many more - TV / Cartoon series, which encompass interviews and educational footages presented by scientists (psychologists, physicians and so on) - Video and mobile game creation - And many more. Who to contact Pin it I am a Creative Director of FKShare Studio located in Montreal. We are specialized in Photography, Sound, Written content, Education around multimedia production. We also do Web Design, Video production and Social network marketing. My personal portfolio is on AIVO.CA You easily can find me on on any social network by just googleing Arman Ayva or FKShare Studio. Cheers, Arman Ayva Creative Director @ FKShare

Creative Direction
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