The Earth Needs a Shrink
Philosophical sci-fi.
“When you’re curious, you find lots of interesting things to do”- Walt Disney

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If you are included in any formal communication, such as email, oral conversation, even when you clicked end surfed to the website where the owner is asking for feedback, you are obligated to provide a feedback. You can node your head if you have a visual contact, if not you need to send a written note as comment or review. 
If you do not comply with the Law #GH123-1. Feedback required, you may end up in a lonely planet and talk to yourself until someone pity you and start talking to you. 
Chapter 1 | Play 1 – The Earth worth saving
Grood dan Vranshtein was waiting anxiously in the hallway. He had a thick file full of papers and pictures in his hands, labeled “Subject: MWSSE-725-The Earth, Confidential”. He should wait another 5 min until the secretary would tell him
“The Director is ready for you, Mr. Vranshtein”.
The last events on the Earth were disturbing. Once again, many people were killed, this time in one of the most beautiful cities called Paris.
Read please, it is important!
Grood knew that it would be a challenge for him to explain why this tragic event and especially in this city means so much for Earthians. He was going to have only ten minutes with the Director, so he decided to describe Paris as the soul of the Earth. His mission was to convince him that the Earth worth saving.  It’s just needs a shrink for psychotherapy or better say anger management sessions.
Grood dan Vranshtein known as one of respected psychotherapist in the Galaxy. He is a field operative that can handle the most complicated cases. He specialized in building intergalactic relationships, as well as treating small and medium planets. During his career he saved more than 12 planets from early “decommissioning”.
Galaxypedia :  Planet decommissioning means the restart of evolution process of the planet. The process includes eliminating disturbing dominant species and implanting new specimen of similar sort. The decision of decommissioning is made by decommissioning commission, which reports to the congress . The process of decommissioning is painful, but necessary…” and so on.
Grood happened to be in the Directors room before. And he liked it. He liked it because it was not a fancy bureaucratic chamber, but more of a working office. All modern gear were hidden under simple objects with great taste. For example coffee table. Single finger move will run a galactic 4D map with drill down feature from it. It will show all details of various systems in the Galaxy, plus time graphs alighted to space-time curve. The map also shows exact location of transmission intersections of the Galaxy.
GalaxyPedia: Transmission intersections are used as shortcuts for long and medium traveling within Galaxy. It helps traveling ships to teleport to the next Transmission intersection. No one, but a few high rank managers know the exact quantity and location of all Transmission intersections. For security reasons. Several of the intersections  are open for public and supervised. 
Deemed light and minimalistic design gives the room an elegance and coziness . As per Grood, the owner of such sort of office must be person with an humble lifestyle and great diverse experience.
Nobody knew the Director’s real name. And most likely because he didn’t have one. Javayans call him the Director in general and Master during direct interaction.
The Director is small by size, the age is 50 loops, probably . Converted it to years, that makes about 2500 years. As you can see the guy has quite an experience. He doesn’t look like Javayan, which raises a reasonable doubt of him being  a Javayan. Average life length in Java is  65 loops. That would make the Director a senior citizen and give him a permission have an ice cream even before going to bed.
Grood met the Director before, about 2 loops ago. They didn’t separated as friends per se, but in public it looked liked they are the best friends. Having tension with the Director was not in Grood’s plans. But if that was the cost to pay for saving the planet MYGS-524  it was worth it.
You should’ve seen Grood and the Director in front of the press. Worm handshakes, fake smiles. Last smiling words of the Director was “Hope not hear from you ever”  .
Of course time heals, at least that was the  Grood hopes.
Before we move on with our story, one thing must be clarified upfront.
1. The language used to tell this story: English ( Armenian, Russian, French – upcoming) 
2. Phases, dialects,   common words and jokes coming from Earth to make it more comprehensible for Humans. 
3. Name of gears and devices – used earthen version of naming.
4. Sound, music – what species hear and digest is different in any different planet. Much appreciation to Grood who use his knowledge to translate all to same. 
And lastly the food. Let’s don’t go there now…
When Grood enter the room the Director was standing in front of his messy desk, trying to find the paper with notes about this Grood dan Vranshtein.
– Come in, come in. Sit. – he said.
He did not raise his head.
In 2 minutes.
– Good morning, M.. – Grood never liked this title “Master” , he could not even pronounce it. He wondered if the Director himself liked it.
– To be honest I am not sure how to call you. I mean I know, people call you Master, but I just don’t know if  you like it ?
The Director smiled and raised his head.
– I know you. Yes, I just remembered. I don’t even need a note,  – the smile changed to quite serous face in a second and  went back.
– Of course you do. – said Grood to himself. He knew that the Director has the mind reader turned on.
Galaxypedia : mind reader is a device called “Neurophone” . It  reads and translates  thoughts and past dreams into readable format,  plus it does machine learning about that person.  The cool thing is that by connecting this device to Holomapper you can have that person sitting with you in the room, listening to you and sometimes even giving his opinion. Neurophone worked great with a tinny little bug. As a side effect the subject may fall into a deep slip, or if he is from the Planet Kantura he may even die. 
Grood continued,
– Can I get to point why I am here. I don’t have a luxury of time. I am sure, neither do you.
–  Than,  consider this meeting is finished. – said the Director. – Since, I know why you are here, and I don’t like it. But…
He stood up and went to the window. He was staring to the sky, like trying to find something there. He continued .
– ” I am not sure if I have choice. The committee will review the package on tomorrow’s hearing. You will get my vote with one condition.”
– Go on. I am sure we can find something in common. – said Grood and simultaneously thought “I am sure I will not like it, old man” . Simultaneously thinking and talking opposite things is one the tricks to confuse the Neurophone.
– You have to take the Princess with you to the Earth.
That was unexpected and shocking. After one minute silence.
– It is not possible, – said Grood without hiding his anger.
– It is not arguable conditi…
Grood interrupted – “I cannot travel with a kid. Children are not adapted for traveling. To risky.  You may have just said you DISAPPROVE the project. ”
The Director continued like he did not even hear what Grood just said.
– You may go now. The secretary will contact you about your audience with the Princess.
The princess was a baby girl 1 loop old. An innocent creature, curious, happy. She liked to play role games.
Her parents died during the last humanitarian expedition to Planet Kantura. The Director was assigned to be her Guardian, by congress, until her 3rd loop.
This makes him powerful enough to make a decision for her to travel. Unless Grood can prove that the traveling might be dangerous for her life. To do that Grood should spend a tremendous time and effort  and go through tones of paperwork and bureaucratic door knocking. Basically that was the idea to hold him back, and give an advantage to decommissioning team.
That puts Grood to quite a challenging  situation. He has two choices :
1. Risk and take the Princess with him to the Earth.
2. Prove that it is risky and loose the time advantage. It  will significantly reduce the chance of success of the project.
In both cases the Director wins. If the Princess dies, the Director will become the most powerful person in long term. In the second case Grood will lose and the Earth will be decommissioned. With the decommissioning of any subsequent planet the Director become richer and powerful.
to be continued…
Chapter 1 | Play 2 – Planet MWSSE-725, known as the Earth

Grood was worried. The assignment was tough. The Planet MWSSE-754 known as the Earth was not an old one, which was good, but the planet on its maturity, passed about 60% of its lifetime.
He pulled out his notes.
Subject: The Earth
1. Humans: dominant in power. 7 Billion.
Nearly 40 years after an historic anthropology expedition to Ethiopia’s Lake Turkana basin, researchers have uncovered evidence suggesting human bones found at that time are roughly 195,000 years old
2. Animals: About 24 Billion according to “google”. Note: Google is one of the powerful sources of information created by Humans
3. Age: 4.543 billion years. Lifetime is as long as 7.79 billion years. Mature
“Looks like we are dealing with the Egona syndrome” – Groods opinion.
Galaxypedia: “Egona syndrome” is one of the known diseases every respected psychologist must be familiar with especially when he is dealing with well established planet. It an open source research started by founders of GPI ( Galactic Psychologist School), which proves that life length of any planet, with possible existence of life of course, very much correlates with the trend of the process of domination of one of the conscious species over the others, which basically destroys the planet. “
In this case dominants are humans.
Grood  knew that human race tent to create groups in certain hierarchy, which makes them stronger than animals. He noted:
“The hierarchy starts from the union of two person. Formerly man and woman, currently doesn’t matter. [ note: for reproduction however male and female are necessary]. They called families. People also have relatives and friends. This connections is driven by common interests. Several families and friends join in communities, informal as well as formal, such as organizations and groups. Next in hierarchy comes certain minorities, such as informal nations and odd sexually oriented masses. Bigger than minorities are races, nations. Also Earthians are strangely divided by something called religion. A believe in something hard to comprehend, something that help them and survive and triggers to kill each other at the same time…”
– Looks like we have a dilemma here, – thought Grood. – Races. Nations, Countries, Religion.
Need to dig in more. Back to Google.
Ethnicity, ethnic group
The word ethnicity derives from the Greek ethnos, a people. Ethnic identity gives a sense of peoplehood to an unique human collectivity….
In sociology race is understood as a socio-culurally defined category of people who share genetically transmitted physical characteristics
Nation, nationality
The roots of a nation are to be found in ethnic groups and primordial kinship, and a nation grows by a process of differentiation and opposition, –but a nation is not simply an ethnic group–…
– Digging is not helping. I need to stick to higher level, otherwise I can get lost in all this freaking structure, – decided Grood.
Well, conceptually we can assume that there are grouping that came up naturally, and grouping that created by people. Great example is countries. Countries created to help the group of people to protect those people from other countries , plus to protect them from themselves. Countries have rules (laws). People who live in those countries supposed to obey the laws. Laws are rules that created by small group of people who supposed to be elected by the population of that county. And of course this applies not to every county.
“Very, very chaotic this Earth” ,- Grood felt that he is going to have a lot of headaches with this project.
Chapter 1 | Play 3 : I hate traveling, it is confusing …

Grood as any other conscious species, who happened to have also PhD degree recognized by almost all “Galaxy”, has a habit of talking to himself.
Using holographic of himself really helps (Holomapper).
Before you could have done the same exercise by using a simple camera. But since he is working now at the Institution he has no problem with the funding to buy fancy advanced gears. The only problem is that sometimes they sell undeveloped project results.
A great example is this P2P project. They launched this mind-reading device called “Neurophone”, which suppose to read and translate your subjects thoughts and past dreams into readable format.  Plus it does machine learning about that person. The cool thing is that you can later connect this device to Holomapper and  have that person sitting with you in the room, listening to you and sometimes even giving his opinion.  Neurophone worked great with a tinny little bug. As a side effect the subject may fall into a deep slip, or if he is from the Planet Kantura he may even die. Holomapper however is not risky at all, but sometime your second self talks bullshit. Funny but not useful. So you better mute him for time to time.
Doc was sitting in his armchair in and his halo self in the corner of the room. He did this sessions so many times, that sometimes he was not even looking to himself.
– Ok, what we have. Bunch of facts about the Earth. – Grood knew that to kill the beast you need to cut the head. But if the beast is multi-headed, like Dretoons from the planet DWSSB-189 (this poor planet never get any name), then finding and cutting heads might not help or will take forever.
-Looks like we have to travel.
He hates traveling. Although he never stays in one place more than 2 loops.
GalaxyPedia: “Loops are the measurement of time agreed to be used in more than 150 planets. Certain planet use years to measure lifetime  or light-years to measure distance in the galaxy.  1 loop = 56.54156 years). Really an odd number to remember. The age and lifetime of different habitats of different planets is different.  Simply because of “the space-time isn’t flat — it’s curved” phenomenon. Grood did not remember the details of the phenomena, but his memory is not the same as at elementary school.
This traveling thing is becoming more and more confusing. He did not even know his age.
He continued his conversation with himself and started the process of preparing and training to perform as an habitat of the Earth.
He used to meet a human before, about 5 loops ago. This person he met was a female from a small country on the Earth, called Armenia. The Earth at that time was only a transit point from him. He stayed there for about a month (1/12 Earth years) until next ship arrived to pick him up.
Her name was Ani.

Chapter 1 | Play 4 : Old photo
Grood was not a sentimental person,  better say he was trained not to be sentimental.

First image on the Earth Summer 1743, Armenia

to be continued…
Chapter 2 | Play 1 – Earth problems

Planning is the most critical of any initiative, starting from hair washing and ending with saving a planet. Solid, timely defined plan is more than 70% of success. The rest is execution.
No offense to execution phase, but by planning the tiniest detail, there is a possibility , that you can reach to even 90% of success vs failure. Probability by itself is a great scientific approach to plan even 1/1M of possible outcomes of the execution. Now days simplest Probamer can do the trick. Probamer will give you the exact possible behavioral outcome after meticulous calculation. It calculates probability of outcomes that species may have after close interaction with each other. It also examines the reaction after certain events, or hazard, or fear and link it to probable outcomes.
The Probamer only is one of the components that had been used in mind reader device.
GalaxePedia: Probamer  was created on XIXVII century on the planet Corbis. Main usage:   count probable outcome of event with the precision of 1/100K. …
The Earth has many many problems. They can be separated into Global and Local
Global problems: Warming.  Limited resources (water, gas…). The evolution pace (in compare with other sibling planets).
Local problems: Environment.  Politics. Diversity. Poverty. Health.
We can also add  Human and Natural dependencies into our matrix.
It is hard to overcome natural problems: Earthquakes and Storms for example.
“Well,  at least hard for Earthians” – smiled  Grood, “That one depends on the level of evolution. Last planet I worked on was restructured from the ground. And believe me there will not be  Earthquakes for another 1M years”.
to be continued…

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